Touchscreen POS System most chosen user-friendly and flexible greenhouse software on the UK & Eu and Dutch market....

Are you interested in a Touchscreen POS System or pos cash desk parts or are you looking for a simple Touch Screen POS Software for Restaurant for your store?

Hospitality or Retail POS cash register software FREE version for Windows

This program is a free (old) version of WinKassa NL software download.
Use this program at your own discretion and responsibility.
You are responsible for any loss of information or incompatibility with other devices.
Decide if you want to use the free version based on the test results.
You do NOT get any rights (derive rights) or helpdesk or support/update from the free version.

However, you can upgrade to the current latest version for a fee.

Winkassa NL Pos Kassa software is flexible and easy for your store

Please  CONTACT  one of our cashier specialists.